Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

when I was first in junior high school
 I want to tell you a story from when I was in 7th grade at junior high school 5 bandung and I was 13. When I got home from school at 5 pm because I have group work. I ride public transport. The public vehicle I ride is an city transport kalapa ledeng track. I go up that leads to kalapa.I got off in asia afrika. I waited for the cicaheum to cibeureum bus at 5:10. After waiting for a while the bus then arrives. 

 On the bus I sat sleeping. I got off at the eagle stop near the supermarket at about 6 o'clock. I stopped by the nephew's home to pray and eat until 6.30. After some time at home nephew I went home to my parents who reside margaasih. I ride city transport ciroyom to margaasih track. I spent time in angkot by listening to music and sleeping.

 When I have reached bumi asri I call my mother "Assalamualaikum mom can you pick up me in bumi asri" to be picked up by motorcycle . My mother replied "I can not pick you up because at home no motor because it is used by your sister". I answer "Ok I will walk to home" Answer "Ok you must be careful" at 7.30.

 At that time there was no motor at home. I am very confused because there is no city transport cimindi margaasih track. There is no City transport cimindi margaasih because it has passed at 6.00. I then walk from bumi asri to the margaasih.

 When I'm walking I suddenly there is someone rider approaching me. He offered me a ride. Then I accepted the offer. I was escorted by the rider to the highway near the house.
 Then I thank you very much. At that time I was very grateful because there are people who want to help me and I will not come home in the afternoon anymore.
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Senin, 07 Agustus 2017


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One day at senior high school 3 Bandung, luqman met vivaldi. they introduce themselves.This is the first time they met each other because this is their new school. They are one classroom at 10 Science 3.  

L        : “Hello!Good morning”
V        : “Morning!”

L        : “hello! I am luqman Ardiseno  you can call me luqman May I know  your name please?
V       :” Sure , I am Vivaldi you can call me Valdi I am from Bandung
L        : “ I am from bandung. I live at rajawali street number 4. Where do you live?
V       : “ I live at setiabudi street no. 235”
L        : “How old are you?
V       : “I am 14 years old, and you?”
L        : “I am 16 years old”
V       : “What’syou hobby?”
L        : “I like to sleep,and you”
V       : “My hobby is watching tv”
L        : “Do  you like playing games?”
Image result for codV       : “Yes, I ply some of it.”
L        : “What games?”
V       :”I play COD : Infinite Warfare, Over watch, and Adventure Quest. How about you?”

L        : “I just  play CS GO” 
Image result for csgoV       : “Let’s play together some times!”
L        : “What’s your favorite food?
V       : “I like to eat fried chicken and sushi,and you?
L        : “I like to eat meat ball.”

L       : “Do you have line?
V       : “Yes I have”
L       : “What’s your ID?
V       : “vivaldiahmad and you”
L       : “luqmanruv”

L        : “Pleased to meet you”
V       : “Pleased to meet you, too"

  UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE when I was first in junior high school    I want to tell you a story from when I was in 7th grade at jun...